Saturday, June 4, 2011


According to "Solace is a form of comfort given to one who is in sorrow or distress; consolation is an act of offering such comfort, or the result of such comfort having been provided."

How does one find solace? It is a crucial question if you wish to survive this life with any kind of worth while quality. The answer seems indefinite as what gives one peace and comfort varies from person to person. I sat and thought about what gives me solace in times of sorrow or stress. Even for me, the answer varies. Instrumental music helps me to escape to a different world when I can't handle this one. Also a good book to get lost in is one of my all time favorite past times. Both of those are ways of escape. So, is solace a way of escape?... Maybe. But, then arises another question. Where are you escaping to? Hm. An interesting query.

There are other things that put my mind at ease when I am stressing out over whatever is going wrong in my life. I will think of the children I used to care for as a nanny. They were my world. I love them so much. I imagine their faces and the silly things they used to do when they were little. The way they would mimic me and interact with each other. Their favorite games and pastimes. I think of them and realize that they are the reason that life is worth while. I loved to watch them learn and grow. You could almost see them making the connections as it happened. A most amazing sight.

Someday when I have children of my own and new memories are formed tying me tighter to this world I will smile even in my sadness; for they will be the Reason. The reason to get up and accomplish something. The reason to trudge on when I feel utterly defeated. Dust off the blood and dirt and get up and try again. I will impart every ounce of my knowledge to them to lift them up and to learn from not only my mistakes, but also of those of people I've known in my life. Knowledge gives you the advantage. But... it also makes you accountable. If you know something is wrong and continue doing it, it is rebellion.

I grew up as a Southern Baptist Christian-- Grace faith. I was always taught that we are saved by Grace, which is true. But what most people fail to realize is that Grace only covers the accidental or ignorant sin. Meaning once you know it is wrong and ask for forgiveness and "repent" you have full head knowledge of that sin. Therefore if you repeat this act knowing it is wrong then Grace doesn't cover it.

So then what is sin? According to, "Any act regarded as such a transgression, especially a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle."

The modern Church will testify that we are not bound by LAW as Christ sacrifice has done away with it. The only problem with that is that Christ himself said "I have not come to make void the LAW, but to fulfill the LAW."

To know what He is truly talking about here one must study the LAW. The code and conduct He himself lived by. A rundown of the LAW can be found in the book of Deuteronomy. Now you may notice a difference between how some Jews (the Bible is a Jewish book) and Rabbi's interpret the LAW and how modern Christians do. To fully understand or grasp the true meaning of the more... "open-ended" or "not easily understood" verse or sayings you have to understand the culture of the people they are talking to and about. There is a big difference between how the Apostles were speaking to Jews and when they were talking to Gentiles. Gentiles didn't get the small saying to that remind the Jews of their own history. Rather the instruction toward the Gentiles in the Bible is actually urging them to learn slowly the ways of the Father. His commandments.

Most modern Christian's have been taught the 10 Commandments. If you will read further in depth you will see that these are supposed to sum up the ENTIRE LAW, actively assuming that the hearer or reader has a full knowledge of the LAW.

As far as living the Commandments of the Father there is much debate. The Bible says one man may not judge another on how they keep Torah, that is between him and the Father. One may express their views in a non-hateful way, but that is as far as it should go. It is my personal opinion that many of the "Jewish Traditions" are just that, traditions. They are not all actual Commandments. We are only required to do what G-d told us to do in His Word. If you choose to do some of the other traditions more power to you! I'm sure He will look on you with favor for trying so hard to please Him.

But, these are just my beliefs and opinions. I am constantly studying and searching for knowledge and truth. If it turns out I was mistaken on something I will revise my opinion accordingly provided I have valid proof of the error.

In any case I am not perfect and do not pretend to be. When I do have children they will know I am not perfect, but you should never stop striving for perfection and truth.